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  • A vegan hair gummy for stronger, healthier-looking hair.
  • Hair Sweet Hair has a unique combination of clinically research nutrients for stronger, healthier hair including: biotin, zinc, PABA (helps maintain hair color), folic acid (supports cell growth) and fo-ti (a root used in Chinese medicine for healthy hair). The gummy is fully vegan with no gelatin, gluten, soy, or dairy.
  • Hair Sweet Hair is pure and potent, gluten-free, GMP certified, and sustainably sourced with no artificial colors or preservatives.
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Product Description

Hair Sweet Hair Growth Gummies by HUM Nutrition:


This company was started by two men from England who used their savings, came to America, and pursued their dream of starting a nutritional supplement company. It is their belief, as it is mine, that what you put inside your body is reflected in your outward appearance. So, with that, here’s a short review of Hair Sweet Hair Growth Gummies by HUM Nutrition.

Here’s The Story of HUM 2016.

The company is headquartered in California, and their products are manufactured in a Southern California facility. With their emphasis on nutrition, their vitamins include Biotin, Zinc, Folic Acid, Fo-ti (aka Polygonum Mutiflorum, a Chinese herb used for hair growth and hair darkening), PABA, and vegan B12.

Previous Extensive Research

According to their website, they do work extensively with their in-house research staff as well as scientists from universities. They rely on clinically studied ingredients, which are backed by published reports, and they work to keep them as vegetarian or as vegan-friendly as possible.


Unfortunately, there are a few negatives that we have found during our research into this company and their Hair Vitamin product. First, the company does not divulge where the ingredients are sourced from. The website does state that they use “Non-GMO” ingredients, but we are not certain the ingredients are 100% Organic especially if sourced from other countries. Secondly, they do not offer any research done on their final products whether it be clinical studies, or submissions to third-party independent companies who can test their ingredients for efficacy, harmful ingredients, consistency, or pureness. There is no third-party independently published long-term study on the final product to report results as some other companies have done. Consequently, there are no third-party Seals of Approval, and no third-party independent research studies to help consumers understand more about this product when comparing it to others.

Overall Score: 8 out of 10

Discussion – At first, we had very high hopes for this company as very few Vitamin companies are labeling their product s “Non-GMO.” This is a huge plus, for us, because of the extensive research that we did on possible causes of hair loss and the effects of Glyphosate in our food chain.

Unfortunately, however, stating that the product is “Non-GMO” may not apply to all of the ingredients as many vitamin companies source some of their ingredients from other countries. In addition to this, we are also not sure whether their internal staff of researchers or even third-party independent researchers do test for Glyphosate, in particular. And, of course, being “Non-GMO” does not mean they or their suppliers do not use other forms of pesticides or other methods of weed and harvest control.

Why is an Independent Study / Research Important?

One of the major reasons why a third-party Seal of Approval or an independent clinical study is important is because it would help consumers identify the efficacy of the product when comparing one vitamin with another for the specific purposes of hair loss and regrowth. Consumers are not necessarily nutritionists and independently published reports may be helpful to determine not only what is in each vitamin, but whether they are even effective. Consequently, and for the reasons outlined, we have scored this product as an 8 out of 10.

Here’s more information from the company about their product and its ingredients:


Biotin is a nutrient that helps maintain the health of hair, nails, and skin, while zinc is a vital mineral for healthy, natural hair growth. PABA helps maintain hair color and warding off the gray. Regular consumption of folate or folic acid helps healthy, natural cell function and tissue growth, which tissues essentially belong to hair, skin, nails, and other organs. In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), preparations from polygonum multiflorum (fo-ti) have a long history of use for hair growth and blackening. According to TCM, hair loss in direct correlation to reduced kidney energy and poor blood circulation or toxicity. Chinese medicine believes that by strengthening the organs of elimination-the kidneys and liver and by increasing circulation to the scalp through healthy blood flow, hair follicles can be stimulated into restoring hair.

Despite the negatives, at the time of this writing, this company’s product, Hair Sweet Hair by HUM Nutrition does have a lot of positives, and we have scored it as one of our Top 5 Best Hair Vitamins. You can learn more about this product by clicking here:

hair Sweet Hair by HUM Nutrition






Effectiveness / Ease of Use


Product Safety



  • Essential Hair Vitamins
  • Includes Additional Ingredients
  • Clinically Studied & Proven Ingredients
  • In-House Qualified Researchers
  • GMP Certified Facility


  • No Independent Research
  • No Independent Clinical Study
  • No "100% Organic" Label

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