A guide, by Dr. Oz, to looking and feeling beautiful counsels readers on the connection between health and beauty while outlining scientifically valid recommendations for skin care, diet, stress management, alleviating pain, and achieving happiness. You can order the book by clicking here: “You Being Beautiful.”

Dr. Oz Video on “You: Being You!”

Egg Stuffed With Vegetables Omelet for Breakfast, Fruit, and Toast

Egg and Veggie Omelet with Fruit and Toast

Here is a short video with Dr. Oz and Diane Sawyer, below, talking about the importance of good health, and how your hair can even help tell you when something is wrong. For instance, he talks about how underlying health problems that can cause changes in one’s outward appearance. Specifically, he mentions hair thinning can be caused by hormonal changes, stress, or thyroid issues. Genes can also play a role in your body and testosterone levels, and many women do not even realize when they might be losing hair. He has a simple test for this and demonstrates by pinching a lock of hair and pulling it up straight. If you have more than 6 hairs between your fingers, you may have a problem. You should probably look into it further because your body is trying to tell you something’s wrong.

What To Do & Not Do To Have Healthy Hair

Another important fact that he mentions, and many Americans are guilty of this, is to shampoo every day. In fact, I was guilty of doing this too – every day. Many people are realizing that this everyday shampooing strips natural oils from the scalp and hair which is important for good hair health. As for diet and what we should be eating to help improve the health of your hair, he mentions the importance of eating foods rich in Biotins, Omega 3 fats, and “B” type vitamins such as those found in eggs, avocados, walnuts and flax seeds. He adds that if you are not eating right, or eating foods rich in these vitamins, then, you should probably take supplements and avoid or minimize any daily damaging habits as often as you can in order to help your hair get back to health.

“Your Body Is Your Temple”

The video basically reminds us all that your body and its appearance reflect your health. This is really age-old wisdom that we’ve heard many times. We are so busy that we rush here, and we rush there, we abuse our health by eating inappropriate things, or we’re too busy to cook and eat right, etc. So, with our busy lives, we do need the reminder from time to time, and that is the reason for this post. I thought this video was a good reminder to de-stress, eat right, and enjoy your good health.

So, what do you do to help you “de-stress?” Do you eat high protein meals as often as you should? How will you incorporate these new habits into your daily lives? Feel free to comment, below, and I look forward to hearing from you!


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