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  • Hair Essential uses a powerful combination of herbs that work to encourage normal DHT levels within the hair follicles.
  • Hair Essentials supplies/seeds your follicles with the proper nutrients they need to stay healthy. These nutrients are quickly absorbed into the bloodstream where they nourish and maintain overall hair health.
  • For healthier overall hair condition. Works for women and men. Effective for all hair types Doctor-formulated
  • Formulated by professional herbalists, our products combine the best of modern science and traditional wisdom, with the purest of ingredients.
  • 90-day, money-back guarantee
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Product Description

Hair Essentials Natural Hair Growth Supplement by Natural Well-Being: 

This product was our number one pick for Best Hair Loss & Growth Vitamins. After researching a few products for our post on Hair Vitamins, we finally came across one that takes into consideration many things we find are important for the health of their clients. Hair Essentials Natural Hair Growth Supplements by Natural WellBeing does seem to focus on the overall long-term health of their customers rather than making a quick buck… or pushing their product to the masses by paying a “reality star” for a promotion. Seriously? Aren’t you worth at least a little research to back up the claim??? Well, here’s one that does just that, and then some!

Natural WellBeing was founded in 2001, and, according to their website, they are committed to providing a complete range of the finest quality herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other natural supplements. This company does have two distribution sites. One is located in McDonough, Georgia, USA, and the other is located in Vancouver, BC.

This company’s site also states that the product is produced in an FDA or “GMP-Certified” Facility. This means that they are following stringent manufacturing procedures to ensure that only the right ingredients and the right amounts of ingredients are going into every little pill.

Similar to Hair Sweet Hair by HUM Nutrition, this company has employed professional herbalists and in-house experts. The ingredients for this product contain many of the vitamins we are looking for in a Hair Loss / Growth Vitamin, but it also contains one extra item that is very beneficial for those experiencing hair loss. It has Saw Palmetto, an important ingredient that helps suppress the effects of DHT, Dihydrotestosterone, which is the hormone that actually shrinks hair follicles. This ingredient was also one of the positives in our reviews of Best Hair Loss Shampoos.  So, this is a very important find, and it’s very beneficial to your scalp and hair!

Another Major Plus:

Another major plus for this company is that Hair Essentials purposely submitted their product, paid whatever fees, etc., to have their product “independently tested.” This hair and vitamin study was conducted in 2014, and after the 90-day study, the results were publically published. The product reduced hair shedding, and it increased thickness and growth on some very real people!


And, yet another big surprise, this company went one step further. They have obtained Certifications from NSF cGMP Facility (already mentioned), QAI Organic Certified, and FDA OTC registered to try to appease those who care about ingesting GMOs and making sure the food is Organically grown. This company clearly states that their product is plant-based, gluten-free, and “Non-GMO.”

Overall Score: 9 out of 10

Discussion – It’s clear that this company stands by its product. Not only did they fill it with nourishing vitamins and minerals, they proudly submitted their product to an independent third-party organization to test their finished product. Further, this company not only lists their ingredients, they have also included some other major pluses with this product. They include the Saw Palmetto ingredient, to block the natural occurrence of Dihydrotestosterone, (DHT) which is the very hormone that causes hair follicles to shrink.

Another major plus is that they have stated their product is both “100% Organic” and that it is also “Non-GMO.” This, along with the independent study, helps to ensure that their product is pure and that it does not contain harmful ingredients – at least – whatever specific ingredients they test for anyway.

The unfortunate part is that we still do now know whether the research organizations are testing for specific harmful ingredients such as Glyphosate. Glyphosate is in our food chain, and it has been found in many of our processed foods. It may also be in fresh produce. But, until more and more people are educated on this subject, and begin demanding pure products from their local market, farmers, growers, and suppliers are enticed to take the easier and less costly road.

Since this company did submit their product to an independent organization, we are holding out hope that we will hear more about methods and procedures in the future, and that is also why I am reporting my research findings to my readers. It is the intent of this blog to help educate people about what we are eating and feeding to our children. The long-term effects of tainted food and even trace amounts that may be in vitamins are just too much of a risk that we, collectively, should not accept. This is why this particular ingredient is of interest to us, anyway.

We do hope that more and more vitamin supplement manufacturers do catch onto the importance of Independent Research done on final products and third-party clinical trials to determine efficacy. Further, we are also holding out hope that companies do ask for, and receive, verification that these independent organizations are testing for Glyphosate and that their product is not only 100% Organic, 100% Non-GMO, but also “Glyphosate-Free” and can be labeled as such.

For more information and to read why we are focusing on that specific ingredient, you can read more about it in our post about the possible causes of hair loss. It’s a definite eye-opener, and I hope you do take the time to read it.

The other important plus this company has is that they do have in-house nutritionists and researchers. Again, the more they focus on the safety of their product, or to improve the efficacy of their product, is always a good thing. The more they do this, the more likely word will get out that they are trying to appease customers concerns and meet customer’s demands for a holistic product that won’t harm them, and may actually help to regrow hair!

In any case, for all the reasons discussed above, Hair Essentials Natural Hair Growth Vitamin Supplement is our Top Pick, scoring a 9 out of 10 – at the time of this writing, and you can learn more by clicking here:

Here’s more information about Hair Essentials by Natural WellBeing:

Uses a powerful combination of herbs to decrease DHT levels within hair follicles and seeds follicles with nutrients needed for new growth.

Hair Essentials by Natural WellBeing






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  • Organic & Non-GMO!
  • DHT Blocker
  • Various Vitamins / Proprietary Blend
  • Independent Study
  • GMP Facility


  • Only One Independent Study

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